The Real History of Jericho
Recently screened historical drama ‘Jericho’ has encouraged many viewers to find out more about the real history of the Navvy site at Ribblehead in the stunningly beautiful Yorkshire Dales.

Culverdale viaduct is the fictional name used in the series for the world famous Ribblehead Viaduct. Built between 1870 and 1875 this great structure is a testament both to Victorian engineering and to the workforce who lived, and sometimes died, at this magnificent location.

Take an easy walk for about ˝ mile from the station and it is possible
to stand underneath the viaduct's towering arches, more than100 feet overhead. Trains use the viaduct every day, as passengers enjoy the scenery from Settle to Carlisle and back again. It is easy to get to by train and there are both guided and self-guided walks past the viaduct where you can visit the sites of the shanty towns where the navvies who built the viaduct would have stayed.
On your way back to the train why not pop into the visitor Centre at Ribblehead station. Run by the Settle Carlisle Railway Trust it is open between 1st April until 31st October from 10.15 until 15.15, (sometimes later), and is staffed by volunteers.

Here you will find displays about the viaduct and how it was constructed. Light refreshments and great souvenirs are also
available alongside the details and fascinating displays at the centre.
You can explore Ribblehead and soak up the atmosphere with a fantastic audio guide and
walking route to help bring ‘Jericho’ to life.
Click on the Wyvern above to find out about the down load and much more about the line
Free guided walks to Ribblehead Viaduct and the surrounding site are scheduled for summer 2017.
Full of detailed history, you will also get the
 chance to visit Ruswarp, ‘the dog that saved
the line’ at Garsdale Station.
To find out more about the guided walks and the Friends of the Settle - Carlisle Line, click on the FoSCL logo above
The Settle - Carlisle Railway Trust was set up to help preserve the historic buildings and structures along the Line.
For details of many of the buildings, their restoration and much more click on the Trust's logo above
Want to see more of the Settle - Carlisle Line?
Why not stay at a station on the line, click on the image to find out more...
A painting by Alan Fearnley - courtesy of David Joy
Ribblehead Viaduct as it is today
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